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Before the league’s establishment, the major Australian domestic cricket league used to be the KFC Twenty20 Big Bash. However, the BBL served as a replacement for this version of the competition. Currently, the BBL is contested among eight teams, as opposed to the six who played in the KFC Twenty20 Big Bash.

The fast-paced and high-scoring matches associated with this T20 cricket league make it a perfect fit for the Australian summer and fans across the country can’t get enough of it. In fact, it has consistently ranked alongside the likes of the Indian Premier League (IPL) among the top ten domestic sports competitions in terms of average attendance.

The prominent rise of the BBL has also made it a remarkable specimen in the sports betting market. Many bookies have it included in their betting options, giving punters and fans a chance to win a few extra quids. Betting on bbl on Ballebaazi provides bettors with reasonable odds and an excellent payout system, among other benefits.

Today, the BBL attracts foreign players and audiences, consolidating itself in the international cricketing space. That said; let us find out more about Australia’s famed Big Bash league.

Big Bash Teams

The BBL has always been a highly competitive encounter among the league’s eight teams, with six of the league’s eight teams winning the league title at least once. As mentioned before, the Perth Scorchers are a little dominant in the tournament, having been in seven finals and winning four titles. Nevertheless, the fact that most member teams have won the title in such a short period demonstrates the league’s high level of competitiveness.

Here are the eight contesting teams in the BBL:

  •         Perth Scorchers
  •         Adelaide Strikers
  •         Brisbane Heat
  •         Hobart Hurricanes
  •         Melbourne Stars
  •         Sydney Thunder
  •         Sydney Sixers
  •         Melbourne Renegades

The next most successful team in the league after the Perth Scorchers is the Sydney Sixers. The Sixers have won the league championship three times, including the tournament’s inaugural edition. Sydney Thunder, alongside the Adelaide Strikers, Melbourne Renegades, and Brisbane Heat, has only won the title once, leaving the Hobart Hurricanes and Melbourne Stars titleless so far in the league.

The Big Bash League will return later this year in December, and it promises to be as action-packed as usual.

The Big Bash League Format

The Big Bash League is regarded as the Australian equivalent of the IPL because it is also played in the T20 format. Each team in the league plays all others twice during the season, which spans from December to January. However, numerous innovative features and playing methods have been incorporated to make the BBL exciting in its unique way.

The BBL season begins with each team competing in a group stage, which includes 40 group stage matches before the top five teams in the group stage advance to the next stage five-team final. However, this five-team final format was not used until the 2019/20 season. Before its introduction, only the top four of the eight teams would advance to the next tournament level (semi-final).

The tournament continues with the five qualifying teams competing in a series of knock-out and elimination matches to decide the last two teams standing to compete in the competition’s final. So far, Perth Scorchers, the current title holders, have been the most successful team in the league, with four titles in the tournament’s ten-year history.

Brief History of the BBL

It didn’t take long after the league’s creation before it captured the interest of the cricket community, both locally and internationally. In fact, the governing board talked about expanding the league to include a few foreign teams in its early phases due to its rapid success. However, the expansion did not occur because most of the proposed teams were situated in regions where appropriate cricket facilities were lacking.

Another component of the planned league expansion was the addition of a women’s league in 2015. However, with only three teams in the inaugural Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL), there were doubts about the success of the venture. However, the WBBL, like the BBL, is today contested by eight teams and is gradually gaining traction in women’s international cricket.

The league is currently sponsored by KFC, a fast-food chicken outlet that has been its sponsor since its inception.


Considering its short history, the Big Bash League has undoubtedly exceeded expectations, evolving into a sports league of worldwide significance in just a few years. The league is currently ranked as one of the best cricket leagues in the world. Are you looking to get in on the BBL 2022-23 betting action?  Visit a reliable betting site like Ballebaazi to place your wagers.