If you’re looking to buy dedicated servers in Thailand, then you’ve come to the right place. At Onlive Server, we provide the very best dedicated servers in Thailand at competitive prices, backed by expert customer service and 24/7 technical support. Our services are more than simply dedicated servers though; we also offer KVM VPS and unmanaged Open VZ VPS hosting solutions, along with cloud hosting and other web-related services such as website design and development and web application creation.

Why Choose Onlive Server?

We offer best quality Thailand Dedicated Server, web hosting and at cheapest price. Onlive Server is best in quality and reliability. We provide 24*7 supports with 99.9% uptime guarantee to all of our customers who opt to choose us as their hosting provider. If you are looking for reliable dedicated server at cheap price then Onlive Server is perfect option to go with.

Pricing Plans

Onlive Server offers high-quality Dedicated Servers at competitive prices. Get to know more about our pricing plans here. Our dedicated server comes with a variety of pricing plans, depending on your individual needs. For example, if you’re running an eCommerce site, then you’ll want to opt for our unlimited eCommerce plan. We provide these plans at an affordable price so that everyone can reap their benefits. The best part is that we offer them at month-to-month basis, which means you don’t have to worry about long term contracts and commitments.

Space & Hardware

A reliable server is only as good as its components. That’s why our servers are well-geared with best hardware and latest configuration. You don’t have to worry about load time or service availability because we’ve already done that for you. Our engineers take extra precautions when building your server to ensure superior reliability in connection speed, storage space, and RAM. M&A tech consultant


We have very fast network and low price. We don’t charge per gigabyte of bandwidth usage; you get to use all our bandwidth for a flat monthly fee, no matter how much you use. What does that mean? It means less waiting and more doing with your server, which makes it easier to scale you’re hosting up or down as needed.

Support Team

When you buy your Thailand Dedicated Server from Onlive Server, you can rest assured that we’ll provide whatever support you need. Our servers are housed at one of Asia’s most reputable data centers—24/7 monitoring and an outstanding network ensure that your server will be up and running at all times. You have peace of mind knowing that our staff is comprised of knowledgeable engineers who can help you with any problems, from setup to maintenance.

Control Panel

A control panel is essential when managing a server. The control panel allows you to perform maintenance tasks, make backups and other server management tasks without getting access to your server through SSH. A good control panel will have many modules that can be used to customize your server, including ones for virtualization software, databases and email hosting. Onlive Server has custom-built an in-house customized control panel that makes these tasks easy to perform.

Network Uptime Guarantee

Our network uptime is 99.99% guaranteed on all our servers, meaning that your website is always up and running! No more worries of hours or days spent trying to track down an error in your site code. All our servers have been set up with redundant components, so even if one component fails your website will continue to run as normal. With three data centers across Asia, you’ll be sure to get lightning fast speeds no matter where you are in Asia. tech consulting

Free Site Migration Service

We offer free site migration service when you sign up with us. If you’re in hurry and want to set up your own site on our servers, we will do it for you as soon as possible. Don’t worry about all these technical terms, because we are here to assist and make things easier. With Onlive Servers, your search for reliable server provider in Thailand is over! Let us handle your web hosting needs in Thailand!


We have made our servers safe and secured with an advanced firewall, as well as DDoS protection. Our servers are located in top class security zones. Apart from these standard security measures, we also have additional firewall rules designed by seasoned IT specialists to protect your server from different kinds of threats. A dedicated IP will be provided upon request to protect your servers from intruders who try to use ping floods or port scanning attacks on ports that are open to obtain network information about your server.