Everyone knows that having lustrous hair is a combination of luck and genetics. However, you have yet to realize that we have more power than you may imagine in the look of our hair. Everything from hair coloring to using heated equipment to style it may weaken and damage hair, making it seem dull. Do you frequently struggle to get your hair to seem shinier and smoother? While getting the desired results can be complicated, you can simplify the process by including a few methods and the best hair growth products into your regular hair care regimen and developing healthy hair habits.

Tips To Make Your Hair Smoother

The following guidelines can help you maintain healthy hair and long-lasting silkiness.

  1. Brush When Dry; Comb When Wet

Want to disentangle your hair more gently? When the hair is wet, use a comb (or a brush specifically made for damp hair), and when the hair is dry, use a brush.

Your hair may only look its finest if you brush it appropriately. When people brush their wet hair with a large round brush, we hear the sound of hair pulling, not detangling. It damages the outer layer rather than smoothing it out. To untangle your hair effectively, start with the ends’ knots and tangles before progressing to the center and roots. Working from the center outward might make the issue worse.

Purchase a boar bristle brush and a wide-toothed wooden comb as well. A wooden comb with large teeth makes it easier to detangle hair while reducing static and hair breakage. Use a boar bristle brush to extract oils from roots after removing hair. You can protect and nurture your hair in this way.

  1. Substitute a cotton T-shirt for the towel.

Since we were little, people have been rough drying their hair by dragging a towel back and forth. Friction caused by rough drying causes the cuticle to become fluffier (the uppermost layer of every individual hair). Frizz is the consequence of the cuticles catching up with one another as they are fluffed up, resulting in knots and breaking. Super tangly hair is a result of open cuticles. The cuticle is more difficult to open the tighter it is.

The softer the hair is, the more difficult it is for the cuticle to open. So replace your towels with an incredibly silky cotton T-shirt. Work from the roots to the ends of the T-shirt, wrapping it around the ends and squeezing it to remove all the water. The best way to dry your hair is to blot it gently rather than rub it.

  1. Avoid using hot water to wash your hair.

Always use cold water to wash your hair. It’s challenging to accomplish this, especially in the cold, but the outcome is worthwhile, we promise. Using this method, you can achieve smoother hair. The hair cuticle is opened when you wash your hair with hot water. The cuticles are sealed with cold water, encouraging the strands to remain flat. Don’t ever skip conditioning, either. When it comes to preserving healthy hair, conditioning your hair after each shampooing is crucial. Conditioning improves the suppleness of hair strands by nourishing and fortifying the hair. It takes less time to style well-conditioned hair.

For silky, manageable hair, try frequently conditioning your hair. A DIY mask that is incredibly moisturized once or twice a week for deep conditioning is also beneficial. Purchasing leave-in conditioners are the greatest option if your hair is dry and unmanageable. Keep your hair dry while we’re on the subject. Your hair will become dull and lifeless if you wash it more frequently than two or three times a week.

  1. Avoid using heating devices and methods.

Put an end to utilizing hot styling products and tools. They may “appear” to make your hair smooth, but they really harm it over time. Always seek no-heat style options and give your hair a vacation from heat styling. If you use a straightener frequently, spritz on some hair protectant before touching your hair with the wand. Your hair can be partially protected from damage using a hair protectant spray.

Additionally, avoid using a blow dryer on your hair and let it air dry. How do you air dry? Use a cotton T-shirt to massage out the water gently, then leave the bag open until something dries.

5. Give Your Hair a Hot Oil Massage Treatment

At least once every week, reward yourself with a hot oil massage. By rehydrating your hair, oil treatments with natural oils assist in providing that additional shine. Hot oil massage benefits your hair by nourishing it, encouraging healthy hair development, reducing hair breakage, mending split ends, and shielding it from further harm.

6. For Silky Hair, Use Natural Hair Treatments

Here are some tried-and-true natural hair loss treatments that enable you to achieve the silky, smooth hair of your dreams without leaving your home.

  • Aloe vera gel

The enzymes included in aloe vera are excellent for mending the damaged skin cells on your scalp. As it may make your hair smoother than before, it can be used as a conditioner. Keratin is abundant in aloe vera. This protein can make your hair smooth and silky, lessen dandruff, and promote hair development.

  • Yogurt

Yogurt is a great source of vitamins that are necessary for supporting healthy hair. Yogurt can also be utilized to repair hair that is dull and damaged. Lactic acid, a component of yoghurt, hydrates your hair, exfoliates dead skin cells, and promotes the growth of new hair follicles. Your hair gets the nutrients it needs from yoghurt to be healthy and adds the required sheen.

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the most often used and popular hair specialist recommendation. It has vitamins and fatty acids that promote quicker, thicker, and longer hair growth. The oil may work as a fantastic conditioner because it is high in lauric acid and quickly penetrates the hair strands. Additionally, coconut oil aids in retaining moisture, which gives your hair a wonderful gloss and radiance.

Wrapping Up

It’s time to attempt these cures now that you know how to grow your hair long, smooth, and silky. It’s not as impossible to have long, smooth, beautiful hair as you would believe. You, too, may turn heads if you have the right hairstyle and daily routine. Try out these techniques and note what works and what doesn’t; also, different persons have varying outcomes due to various circumstances. Thus, try only the best hair growth products.