AxE: Alliance vs Empire is a widely played MMORPG that has gained a great following from its fans. There are two sides in the game, which consist of distinct characters and abilities. This article will serve as a thorough guide to the characters’ abilities in the game of AxE: Alliance vs Empire.

The process of choosing a character to use in a game or story is known as Character Selection.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire has two sides, the Holy Empire of Dakkan and the Granos Alliance, each offering three distinct characters. The characters of the former are Valkyrie, Warrior, and Mage while the Granos Alliance provides Archer, Titan, and Swordsman. Every character has a unique set of abilities and skills that separate them from one another.

The female figures known as Valkyries

These mythical creatures have been famous throughout history for their roles as divine figures, often serving as protectors in Norse mythology. Generally, they are depicted as beautiful women who ride in the sky on horseback, collecting the souls of fallen heroes to take them to Valhalla. Valkyries are also believed to be able to control the destiny of warriors, deciding who will live and who will die in battle.

The Valkyrie character wields a sword and shield, and her abilities include Shield Charge, Flame Dance, and Flash of Light. Shield Charge is a three-hit strike that does 158% damage, while Flame Dance is a seven-hit wave of fire that does 182% damage. Flash of Light is a quick and powerful four-hit attack, dealing 224% damage.


The term “warrior” is often used to describe someone who is brave and strong, who fights for a cause. Another way to refer to such a person is as a “combatant”, someone who engages in battle. This term also implies strength, courage, and dedication to a cause.

The masculine hero is known for his immense strength and his three abilities: Heroic Storm, Dark Strike, and Holy Slash. Heroic Storm is a double-hit strike with a power of 162%. Dark Strike is a sixfold attack with a force of 196%. Finally, Holy Slash is a double-hit with a potency of 211%.


The term “mage” is often used to refer to those with the power to wield magic. For many, the title of “mage” is synonymous with the ability to utilize magical energy to create wondrous effects. While some might think of a mage as a powerful sorcerer or a wise wizard, the term can also refer to any person with the knowledge and skill to invoke magical forces.

Mage is a female character with a specialty in magical attacks. Her abilities include Flame Storm, Meteor, and Frost Wave. Flame Storm is a devastating move that releases a fiery wave dealing 169% damage. Meteor is a magical attack that calls forth a meteor shower for 183% damage. Frost Wave is a magical strike which sends out a cold air wave for 205% damage.

The skilled bowman

Archery is a skill that requires patience and a keen eye to be successful at. A person who excels in this sport is often referred to as an archer. This expert bowman has honed their skills over time, allowing them to become a master of the sport.

Archer is a female character that has a range-based combat style. Her attacks consist of Piercing Shot, Whirlwind Shot, and Icy Shot. Piercing Shot is a single strike that can pierce through the enemy and cause a total of 164% damage. Whirlwind Shot launches six consecutive hits dealing 180% damage. Lastly, Icy Shot sends a wave of cold air to damage enemies for a total of 192%.

The immense size of Titan

Titan, a moon of Saturn, is remarkable for its size. It is the second-largest moon in the Solar System, only behind Jupiter’s Ganymede, and has a diameter that is 50% greater than that of Earth’s Moon. This makes it one of the more remarkable objects in our Solar System for its immense size.

Titan is a male figure renowned for his superior HP and defensive capabilities. His special abilities consist of Spinning Void, Smash and Falling Rocks. Spinning Void is an attack which results in nine successive hits of damage causing a total of 161% harm. Smash is a sturdy attack that gives off five successive hits of damage causing a total of 200% injury. Falling Rocks is an assault that summons rocks to drop on opponents, resulting in a total of 210% damage.

Skilled Warrior with a Sword

This character is a swordsman, capable of a variety of sword skills. His Combo Slash entails three successive strikes for 153% damage. Icy Void, a sword attack, sends a freezing gust of air towards foes for 180% damage. Tornado is a three-hit power attack dealing 222% damage.

When selecting a character in AxE: Alliance vs Empire, one should reflect on their gaming approach and the function they want to play. For instance, if you prefer to be a supportive character, then a character with curative abilities such as Valkyrie or Archer can be a great selection. On the other hand, if you enjoy dealing damage to opponents, then a character with powerful offensive skills such as Warrior or Titan may be the better option.

Improving One’s Skill Set

Getting stronger in AxE: Alliance vs Empire is essential to improve your character and get ready for more difficult fights. It is suggested to reach level 30 at the least to access all the passive capabilities of your character. In order to gain levels quickly, gamers can complete missions, battle, and take out monsters.


In AxE: Alliance vs Empire, it is quite beneficial to have the right equipment as it can enhance your character’s stats and abilities. Obtaining equipment can be done through quests, battles and trading with other players.

End Result

No matter what faction you decide to go with in AxE: Alliance vs Empire, their roles are essentially the same. The battle strength of your character will depend on the level and equipment they have. Consequently, when playing AxE: Alliance vs Empire, it’s important to be aware of upgrading and equipping your character in a timely manner. Moreover, why not try using the Redfinger Android emulator to play this game on a PC, it’s an amazing experience.

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