An audio technology’s key responsibility is to aid the audio designer and also he has just one major responsibility, which is to be conscientious. Tons in as well as tons out are 2nd only to that primary responsibility.

Be Attentive
There are many facets to being alert. Most importantly a good noise tech will address the needs of the engineer. Being attentive ways paying attention. The designer needs to have no problem at all connecting with his technology. Several of the typical methods of communication that are used throughout shows are:

Walkie-talkies or closed circuit comm. systems
Mobile phone
Sms message
Hand signals
A nod of the head
A tech has to follow his designer’s lead and also should frequently glance at the designer to see if he requires something. The engineer of any show has a lot on his mind. There is a whole lot he has to be responsible for to achieve truly expert outcomes. The engineer must focus on a number of things simultaneously: the artists, the audio, as well as the target market. Something he ought to not have to focus on is obtaining his tech’s focus. Anytime the designer has trouble interacting with his technology, the tech is failing to do his work. It is the duty of the tech to be alert. The designer should never need to leave his seat after the musicians get here. The audio tech should listen to the requirements of the artists too. When the artists are setting up, it is the audio tech’s duty to supply the following:

Hand each musician his/her cable television as well as tell them, “This is for you,” or “You connect in here” for instance.

We are not to touch the artists’ tools and also they are not to touch ours (reasonably of course.) We need to touch the drums to mic them, however we pleasantly ask if that is fine as well as we see to it to ask if any of our mics remain in the way of the drummer. Singers, certainly, will discover it needed to touch our microphones which is okay too. But, it is the audio tech’s task to make all needed adjustments to microphone stands to get the optimal positioning for every single musician. No artist must ever need to change a mic stand. Whenever that occurs the sound tech is not doing his work. The musician needs to only have to concentrate on his tool and also his performance. Playing music is a psychological experience and also if an artist ends up being worried since he needs to readjust his mic stand it will certainly influence his emotions adversely which will certainly weaken his performance.

The audio tech needs to adjust the screens to fit the artists’ choices. Sometimes they want them better, or farther away, or turned by doing this or that. It is important to maintain the displays out of the responses zone, i.e. not directing at microphones that may induce feedback.
Whenever the engineer leaves his seat to take care of those tasks, the audio technology is failing to do his job. The designer can not focus on establishing the board, and the screen mix, and the artists, as well as the audience if he needs to do the technology’s work also. One of the most important work of the sound tech is to be attentive. Listening means more than attending to the demands of the engineer and the musicians. Listening methods attending the show and taking note whatsoever times. Pay attention for troubles that might develop and also alert the engineer of any kind of concerns.

Take a look at the system. If there is an audio speaker that is off axis, the audio tech ought to discover something like that as soon as possible as well as remedy it readily. If an artist is attempting to communicate something, the sound technology should be taking note of that as well. It is the engineer’s duty to comprehend those interactions that originate from the artists during a program, however, much more notably, it is the audio tech’s work to be attentive to the demands of the designer and the artist. That might imply helping the engineer identify what the artist is attempting to interact. Moreover, if a microphone stand slips, or gets vacated position or knocked over, the sound technology should correct that at the same time.

Sound techs constantly wear black. This is partially since they in some cases need to slip out on stage throughout a performance. Their black apparel reflects much less light than any other shade as well as consequently attracts less attention to them than if they were worn fluorescent yellow as an example. Yet it also tells the audience that he is not a participant of the band. He is an audio tech and also he is just doing what sound technologies do. He is listening to the needs of the musician or the engineer, and he is doing it well.